Codex D ready for take off

25 february 2013

Okay, it's done, well almost. I have to transcribe some hymns still from the Pieterskerk Cantuale AD 1564 but I/we are ready for take off. My bureau looks likes a war zone now but after cleaning up I'll just wait quietly for the first results of the recordings, then the montage begins and in the mean time I am going to select the motets for the 5th ebureau blogformatdition of the Leiden Choirbooks: Codex E. A lot of adventurous stuff waiting, compositions by the omnipresent Johannes Flamingus and the alcoholic Potoletus, also known as Claudin Patoulet.


24 feb 2013

Just finished the programmation of the concertprogram of Leiden Choirbooks 4 (29, 30 & 31st of may 2013) Theme = "Feast !" And yes, it's going to be a feast!Festum nunc celebre


21 februari 2013

Alleluya ! (fol 64v codex E Leiden Choirbooks) An anonymous copiist/scribe amusing himself -and us! Nice.alleluia

at the archive

21 februari 2013

Having an excellent morning exploring quietly Codex E of the Leiden Choirbooks, brought to the readingroom of the archive by Benata Hengstmengel.benata

and again

10 februari 2013

Recordings leiden choirbook 4 done, time to pick up book 5 (codex E). There we go again: 11 months of preparation ahead.codex E


1 februari 2013

In 1999 the Egidius Kwartet recorded the beautiful and moving Mary motet, "Virgo prudentissima" by Nicolas Payen, in Ghent, with just the four singers. This afternoon we are re-recording it, in Mijnsheerenland, as a part of the Leiden Choirbook repertoire with the amazing and fabulous singers (10 singers) of the Egidius College. Looking forward to this!codex D 082 289web groot

Ultimo die

31 januari 2013

We just recorded Flamingus' 6 part "Christe qui lux es" from the fourth Leiden Choirbook, exactly 448 years since it entered the Book: "Ultimo die januarii 1566".codex D begin

Monseigneur helpt!

14 januari 2013

Mgr. Jan Valkestijn gladly shared his knowledge and private collection with me, as I was looking last week in Haarlem (leiden choirbook rehearsals) for the verse of a pre Vatican II respons. His eminence, smilingly opened one of his old Antifons (AD 1616 !) and there it was, in full splendour. Waiting for us. Thank you Jan!valkestijn


12 januari

The leiden choirbook rehearsals took place in the famous basilica of Haarlem.

Not at all in the proper style but it felt nevertheless very "at home".basilica

Lost and found

7 januari 2013

I'm ready! Last motet done/learned; Jheronymus Vinders In illo tempore. A motet actually not anymore in the Leiden Choirbooks because it was cut out for one or another reason. But we know it was there due to the mentioning in the index. Thanks to my advisor Eric jas we are going to record anyway this nicely written and elegant wedding motet. And by doing so undoing a bit that barbarious withdrawel.codex D 000 261cut2vinders mark


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